Maïka Zayagata / The process

The process Because all creation follows its own process.


is to create the best tattoo project possible for every one of my clients. To help me with this task I ask you to read carefully this page below as well as the application form.

Once you know my way to work, take the time to complete the application form in a concise and precise manner.

I am the keeper of the time.

A tattoo session lasts between 5 to 7 hours.

Full session allows the realization of the true potential of your project.

I choose the moments of pause to ensure the project's progress.

Your appointment will end only when I decide the tattoo is fully realized.

The process



Once I have reviewed your application you will receive a confirmation from me or tatouage royal. Please be patient, as going through each requests can take some times.

Then you can move to the next step, the payment of your deposit and the scheduling of your appointment/s.

If I estimate that your project requires more then one appointment, they will all be given at the time of your visit for the deposit. This is to ensure, that your project is progressing constantly and efficiently.

Then, with your description, I will be prepared to offer a thorough and personalized work.


Your design/concept

You will see your design/concept only on the day of your tattoo appointment and that goes for any project.

Your design/concept will be available on site only. At the tatouage royal studio most of the time.
No design/concept will be sent by mail or by any other means.

Please note, that I work in a very intuitive manner, which means that the design/concept will not be final. What you will see will most probably be a rough idea of what I have in mind. The rest will happen as we go, and keep in mind that things might change along the way as my creative mind is in constant evolution.


The deposit and taking an appointment

The deposit for any project, is payable in cash only, at tatouage royal studio, where I am a resident artist.

Tatouage Royal Studio
4424 Saint-Denis, Montreal
tel. 514.509.2905

Your deposit is non-refundable and will be deducted from your total balance at our last session together.

It will be lost, if you do not show up for your appointment, or if you cancel less than 48 hours prior.

You will then be asked to give another deposit for one/all of your new necessary appointment/s.

If you cancel for a 3rd consecutive time, the deposit will be forfeited and you will be asked a new deposit of double the amount of the first one. Plus, you will be put at the end of the list for your next appointment.


Information about your tattoo appointment

A full session can lasts between 5 to 7 hours depending on the project and the studio opening hours. So make sure you have eaten and slept well before your appointment. This will help during your long tattoo session.

Bring snacks and water. A blanket can sometimes be useful, as your body temperature can lower as the session moves along. I strongly suggest to not make any other plans after your long tattoo session, as it can be quite tiring and I like to know I have all the time necessary to finish, which is sometimes hard to estimate. The best thing for you after your session will be to go home and rest.

I do not compromise on the time spent on a project; I found that this is the only way for the work to progress constantly and effectively. I will not make shorter sessions, unless you have a medical condition that require it.

Please note, that I do not tattoo minors.


Eat well and sleep well before your appointment.


Go directly home to give some rest to your body.


Bring snacks, your bottle of Water and a blanket.

Thank you for your interest in my work.
It is always greatly appreciated.